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do you remember the first time you were called annoying?
how your breath stopped short in your chest
the way the light drained from your eyes, though you knew your cheeks were ablaze
the way your throat tightened as you tried to form an argument that got lost on your tongue.
your eyes never left the floor that day.
you were 13.

you’re 20 now, and i still see the light fade from your eyes when you talk about your interests for “too long,”
apologies littering every other sentence,
words trailing off a cliff you haven’t jumped from in 7 years.
i could listen to you forever, though i know speaking for more than 3 uninterrupted minutes makes you anxious.
all i want you to know is that you deserve to be heard
for 3 minutes
for 10 minutes
for 2 hours

there will be people who cannot handle your grace, your beauty, your wisdom, your heart;
mostly because they can’t handle their own.

but you will never be
and have never been
“too much.”

"this started as something completely different, but everything comes back to you, doesn’t it?" - tyler ford  (via perfect)






I was gaping the entire song this is insane

If I had a dollar for every time a musician made me feel like I’ve done nothing with my life, I’d be filthy, FILTHY rich.

Wow. Wooooooooooooooooooooooow. BLESS.

A girl at my old school did the same thing as this and holy shit I was in love with her all up through senior year

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Alright, finally made it back to the digital world. Good news is I didn’t become involved in some ill-fated geology incident, and now I’ve finished 65% of one of my courses for the coming semester. So now you can all be inflicted with my posts once more! Mwahaha

Oh yeah, and pics coming soon
I might’ve left my laptop in a different city while visiting family…

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